Hernandez Family Reunion Summer '24

Orlando ยท Florida

Dates: August 2nd - August 4th 2024



Please RSVP by June 15th 2024. Cost will be $75 per adult. Children will not have to pay. This will include food for the weekend events and event venue rentals. See below for breakdown Please reach out to Jorge Jr to send payment. His number is 407-334-7103

What to pack

It will be August in Florida, so it will be hot. Fortunately most of our activities will be indoors. You should still pack warm clothes though. Some things to specifically call out are... Bring a bathing suit for the springs, and a formal outfit for the formal dinner.

Cost Breakdown

We are still finalizing the cost breakdown and some small things may change as we get closer, but here is what we have so far...

  1. Food
    Food Subtotal for 100 people = $0
    - Friday Dinner = $760 (Pollo Tropical)
    - Saturday Breakfast = $523 (Wawa)
    - Saturday Lunch = $224.97 (Publix Subs)
    - Saturday Dinner = $700 (Catered Takeout)
    - Sunday Lunch = $195.75 (Little Cesears Pizza)
  2. Venues
    Venue Subtotal for 100 people = $0
    - Friday Dinner = $150 (Sweetwater Oaks Community Center)
    - Saturday Lunch = $150 (Sweetwater Oaks Community Center)
    - Saturday Dinner = $2174 (Icing On Top)
    - Sunday = $75 (Rock Springs State Park)
  3. Photographer
    Cost is still TBD
  4. T Shirts
    Cost is still TBD
  5. Subtotal for everything

August 2nd 2024

Evening kickoff and dinner

A dinner to kickoff the weekend. We will meet, eat, and enjoy reconnecting.

August 3rd 2024

Giving Back

Let's meet at the Second Harvest food bank to give back.

Note: Try to arrive early for breakfast sandwiches and coffee

Time : 8:15AM - 11:30AM
Location : 411 Mercy Dr, Orlando, FL 32805


Let's grab a bite to eat. We will also enjoy some trivia and bingo.

Formal Dinner

Dress to impress as we enjoy a formal dinner and dancing with family.

August 4th 2024

Kelly Springs

Let's cool off in August at the springs. A pavilion has been rented and we will have lunch there.

Note: No alcohol is allowed at the park. The park opens at 8am and there is an entrance fee. With the rental of the pavilion, the cars still need to wait in line, but if they close the park due to capacity, our guest will still be able to get in. If the park is closed due to capacity, our guest WILL NOT be able to skip the line after 1pm. The park gets full quickly, so if you do not want to wait on a long line, get there EARLY. IMPORTANT: You can bring your own floating tubes if you do not want to rent theirs.